Lomita – The Little Knoll of the South Bay

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Lomita – The Little Knoll of the South Bay

Lomita is located just east and south of the City of Torrance. Lomita’s

name translates from the Spanish language as “little hills”, derived from its location at the base of the higher Palos Verdes hills.

Lomita roots are as cattle grazing land that was part of the Spanish land

grant of Rancho San Pedro. Drought and pestilence hit in the mid-1800’s, bankrupting ranchers who sold their land to developers and farmers.

When natural gas was discovered at the turn of the century, Lomita became a magnet for mining and oil drilling interests and thrived. With the

economic bust of the late 1920’s and 30’s, however, Lomita transitioned into a prolific agricultural area, with strawberry and celery fields, as well as other truck farm crops. As the country emerged from the Great Depression and WWII, the farms disappeared and Lomita transitioned into a quaint suburban town.


Now called “The Friendly City”, Lomita is known for its hometown feel. The hilly southern part of the city, known as Lomita Pines, features beautiful pine trees, rustic Craftsman cottages and Spanish-style homes, and pic-

turesque views of the Los Angeles basin. The flatland northern area of the city also has many older, beautiful homes built in the early 1900’s, as well as newer homes, parks, a civic center and a wonderful Railroad Museum.

Home prices in Lomita are slightly less than those in the neighboring City of Torrance. Home prices range from about $350,000 for small bungalows, to almost $1,000,000 for larger, newer properties. Although more of a single

family residence community, condos and townhomes in Lomita average approximately $400,000.


City Hall 310-325-7110

Fire Department 323-881-2411

LA County Sheriff 310-539-1661

School (LA Unified) 310-539-4515

Electric (SC Edison) 800-655-4555

Gas (SoCal Gas) 800-427-2200

Water (City Water Dept) 310-325-7114

Trash (Cal Met) 310-212-3496

Cable (Time Warner Cable) 888-892-2253

Chamber of Commerce 310-326-6378

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