Redondo Beach – The City Where There’s More to “Sea”

May 19, 2015 Comments Off on Redondo Beach – The City Where There’s More to “Sea”
Redondo Beach – The City Where There’s More to “Sea”

Redondo Beach is the largest of the South Bay beach cities and divided into two distinct parts, North Redondo, which is located just east of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, and South Redondo, which is located between Hermosa Beach to the north and Torrance to the south, and boasts a long and picturesque shoreline.

South Redondo is home to King Harbor, the only marina and boat harbor in the Beach Cities. King Harbor features a commercial and small boat harbor within a protected breakwater, a large pier area with popular restaurants and attractions, as well as coastline living opportunities. South Redondo has excellent beach facilities along the southern stretch of Santa Monica Bay, with “The Esplanade” providing bike riding and walking paths, beach volley- ball courts, great surfing and swimming waves, and fantastic sea life viewing(whales, dolphins, sea birds, and more!).

North Redondo is primarily a residential area that grew up just south of where airplane manufacturing plants assembled planes during World War Two. The airplane factories are gone, replaced by aerospace and other cor- porations, but the housing remains and has been improved since its early days. The South Bay Galleria Shopping Center sits at North Redondo’s east border with the City of Torrance. It is also home to the South Bay Civic Light Opera – a renowned regional musical theatre company and numerous parks and recreational facilities.

The price of homes in Redondo Beach varies greatly from North Redondo to South Redondo and depends greatly on the proximity to the ocean. In North Redondo, the average sales price of single family homes in 2014 was just over $800,000; in South Redondo, the average was approximately $1,130,000. Condo and townhomes prices are somewhat less, averaging just over $700,000 in North Redondo and about $815,000 in South Redondo.



City Hall 310-372-1171

Fire Department 310-318-0663

Police Department 310-379-5411

School (RB Unified) 310-379-5449

Electric (SC Edison) 800-655-4555

Gas (SoCal Gas) 800-427-2200

Water (CA Water Service) 310-257-1400

Trash (Athens Svcs) 888-336-6100

Cable (Time Warner Cable) 888-892-2253

Cable (Verizon FIOS) 888-553-1555


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