Torrance – The Eighth Largest City in Los Angeles County

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Torrance – The Eighth Largest City in Los Angeles County


Stretching from the shoreline south of Redondo Beach inland to the east, Tor- rance is at the geographic heart of the South Bay. Over 20 square miles in ar- ea, Torrance is a multicultural city with low crime rates (one of the lowest in L.A. County!), excellent schools, and is a city of trees and parks. With its ownoceanfront area nestled at the base of the Palos Verdes hills, Torrance Beach and the “Hollywood Riviera” are popular and affluent residential areas. Tor- rance’s many inland neighborhoods have slightly warmer days than the coastline, yet are cooled each afternoon by the westerly sea breezes.

The Old Town area was the birthplace of the “planned” city, with Gramercy Avenue the first residential street in the city. Over a century old, Old Town has been redeveloped over the past decade and features fantastic shops and restaurants, including The Red Car (a microbrewery in a historical building), Torrance Bakery (the South Bay’s BEST!), and The Depot Restaurant

Torrance is known for its civic, cultural, and sporting facilities. Wilson Park, in the center of the city, is one of Los Angeles County’s largest civic parks, and enjoys a robust Farmer’s Market Tuesday and Saturday mornings. The Civic

Center is home to the Torrance Courthouse, City Hall, and Police Department, but it also features a large library and a wonderful cultural center where plays, concerts, and many community events and activities are held

Homes in Torrance range in price, depending upon the neighborhood, size, and condition. At the low end, there are homes that sell in the $500,000 – $600,000 range; at the high end, Hollywood Riviera homes average over $1,200,000. The average sales price of single family homes in Torrance is in the $780,000 – $800,000 range. Condos and townhomes average approxi- mately $480,000$500,000. Prices are largely driven by the demand for schools, area amenities, the climate, and the proximity to the beach, jobs, and shopping centers.



City Hall 310-328-5310 

Fire Department 310-781-7000

Police Department 310-328-3456

School (Torrance Unified) 310-972-6500

Electric (SC Edison) 800-655-4555

Gas (SoCal Gas) 800-427-2200

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