Hermosa Beach – The Best Little Beach City

May 26, 2015 Comments Off on Hermosa Beach – The Best Little Beach City
Hermosa Beach – The Best Little Beach City

Hermosa Beach is a small beach city nestled between Manhattan Beach to the north and Redondo Beach to the south. At the time the city was incorporated in 1907, it acquired ownership of its two mile stretch of ocean frontage. However, the two hundred and ten feet on either side of the pier (yes, there was a pier even then!) was NOT included in the origi- nal deed; rather, it was mandated to be held in perpetuity as a beach playground for the sea lovers of Southern California. To this day, the pier and the Hermosa beachfront remains a mecca for beach lovers, surfers, and South Bay visitors.

Hermosa Beach covers less than 1.5 square miles in area and is home to

approximately 25,000 people. The heart of the city is the beautiful Pier Avenue area, with the Civic Center and Theater and a sports complex lo- cated at the top of Pier Avenue where it intersects with Pacific Coast Highway, and down the few blocks to a beachfront walk-street block at the base of the Hermosa Pier. Along Pier Avenue are trendy shops, small busi- nesses, and great eateries, plus the beachfront area has some wonderful overnight accommodations for visitors, such as the Beach House, just a block from Pier Avenue. Other local favorites include Martha’s for break- fast and lunch, and The Bottle Inn for Italian, both on 22nd Street and Hermosa Avenue.

The price of homes in Hermosa Beach varies depending on the proximity

to the ocean. East of Pacific Coast Highway, single family homes aver- aged just over $1,240,000 in 2014; west of PCH, the average price was

just over $2,400,000. Condos and townhomes ranged from $600,000 up to $2,675,000, with an average price of almost $1,400,000.



City Hall 310-318-0216

Fire Department 310-524-2750

Police Department  310-318-0300

School (Hermosa Beach) 310-937-5877

Electric (SC Edison)   800-655-4555

Gas (SoCal Gas) 800-427-2200

Water (CA Water Svc)   310-257-1400

Trash (Athens Svc) 310-374-0301

Cable (Time Warner Cable) 888-892-2253

Chamber of Commerce 310-376-0951


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